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When are you immersing yourself into the virtual world?

Explore the world virtually at Kathmandu

Pandemic has been so hard for all of us and specially for avid travelers who have been restricted to travel around the country and internationally but technology has been such a blessing during the time of pandemic people could take on a virtual tour to experience travelling. And visitors could taste the experience of virtual travelling in Art in Paradise Nepal in Kathmandu Mall.

Art in Paradise Nepal has introduced country’s first 3D picture and 4D interactive museum which will take viewer’s to a different world of art through the latest 3D and 4D technology.

It is also the new talk of the town where people are obsessed with taking pictures, videos and especially making TikTok videos. The museum not only has pictures depicting from Nepal but from all over the world which really makes it a unique experience for the visitors to know about famous places of all over the world.

All of the paintings are optical illusions and were painted by artists from Thailand. The museum has two different sections one of a 3D picture and another 4D interactive museum. The 3D section has cultural heritage wall with painting of pictures belonging from different cultures of Nepal in their national costume as well as people from various parts of the world. It also has other different sections of iconic towns, seven wonders of the world, fantasy world, amazon and mountains, arctic and deep sea, aquarium walkway and Everest base camp. The 4D section has Mount Everest with its stunning 360degree view and snow fall effect.

Visitors really don’t know about the concept at first so we have our team from customer service to guide and explain them about the whole concept of Art in Paradise. Normally when you look at these paintings it looks ordinary with paintings on the wall, ceiling and the floor but the trick lies in the camera, angles and poses that makes the optical illusion pop up and amazes everyone.

When are you immersing yourself into the virtual world?

Published On : 15 May, 2022
Published By : Admin

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